Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chocolate Part 3!

It was lonely at 7-11 without Chocolate, "I miss him so much!", Granola bar said tearfully. 3 days had  passed since he had died.  It was raining outside and there hadn't been any customers all day. At closing time I, granola bar had to escape. I climbed down the shelf and ran towards the door. It would not open, "GREAT!". I looked around for anything useful, That is when I saw it, a tall mop just standing there. I ran to it, got it, and ran back to the door. I climbed it to reach the lock. turned it and the door swung open. I slid down the mop and ran outside into the rain, and what I saw next was just horrifying.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Water Cycle

I am on the ground, in a small puddle.
I turn into water vapor and
into white fluffy clouds,
but when there is too much of me
I pour out wet moist rain.
Boom, lightning slaps the ground
with a thunderous roar.
Then I am back on the ground,
waiting for the cycle to happen again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Farm

The farm was very quiet on Monday.

It was a cool day that smelled like spring time 

The trees would always go swish swash and sway.  

First the farmer would pick the ripest lime.

The farm animals would always go sleep, 

The owner of the farm would love to sew.

She would use the fresh wool cloths from the sheep.

It must have been nice on the farm you know.

As the sun got brighter it got warm. 

The farm was calm except for the bee hive.

All together all day they would swarm.

The total amount of bee hives was five.

The birds would tweet and tweet-tweet all day long.

Together they would always sing their song.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ray Charles

On a recent family road trip to St. Augustine Florida, I learned that singer and songwriter Ray Charles went to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. He was one of the first students to attend the school and definitely the most famous. Not only was he influential in Florida. He had an important effect in the field of music worldwide!

The start of his life was not easy. Ray, an African American, was born in the beginning of a big depression on September, 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia but he was raised in Florida since he was an infant. He came from a poor family. His father was a mechanic and his mother worked as a sharecropper. Times were tough.

Ray Charles was not born blind. In fact, it took him almost seven years for him to go blind. He had seven years to see the joy and sadness of the world. As a seven year old child, in searching for light, he stared at the sun continuously, thereby eliminating all the chances of the modern-day miracle, cornea transplants - a miracle of surgery that was unheard of in 1937. He had an eye disease called Glaucoma. That is what made him blind.

Ray began playing the piano before the age of five. He was a pianist, songwriter and composer and his career was long and very successful. A movie about his life was made starring Jamie Foxx in 2004. He won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles.

Ray was a humanitarian and helped support Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. He supported schools for the blind and formed a foundation called the Ray Charles Robinson foundation for the blind and donated $1,000,000 of his own money to the foundation!

Ray Charles is best known for songs “Georgia on My Mind”, “I got a Woman” and “Hit the Road Jack”. He was known for combining different styles of music like jazz, gospel and soul. He was given a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame along other musicians and other people from the entertainment industry. His name is in just about every hall of fame that has anything to do with music. Ray often said, “I was born with music inside me. That’s the only explanation I know.” Ray Charles died on June 10, 2004.

Whether you are young or old you will one day run into the amazing music of Ray Charles and I’m sure you will love it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Deep Blue Sea

Down, down in the deep blue sea fish and other sea creatures are all about,

every day a fish finds a new wonder-filled route.

The reefs are homes to the fish,

all day they move their fins, swish swish.

Yes, the sea is paradise to fish like trout.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Shop in St. Augustine

                                                    There was once a shop in St. Augustine,
                                                   It sold hats and other cheerful nicknacks.
                                                     It had a soft and pleasant doorbell ring
                                                 that could almost make you sing. It smelled
                                              like a fresh Summer morning. Something happy
                                              happened there every day so it was never boring.
                                                   Life was never the same if you worked at
                                                               this shop in St. Augustine.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sam and the Spirit

Chapter One
The Gift

Sam Solons had a "Gift", he shared it with everyone he knew. The gift was that he could always come up with a theory for all the strange things that happen. Such as ghost sittings,mysterios ship wrecks and more. "The best part of those theories is that they were always right! Even though he shared his gift people still asked a lot from him, he got tired of it he tried to make people forget about his gift. It did not work so he summoned a spirit. The spirit had the power to erase a someones mind

Chapter Two
The spirit 
Sam did not tell anyone that he wanted to summon the spirit, people would not let him do so. On the day before his birthday he snook off into his basement (he was turning 11). He knew how to summon the spirit for years but he never felt like he had to do it. The night he summons the spirit. He was a large beast wearing a potato sack. It moaned loudly. Keep it down the,"the boy whispered. But the spirit only got louder. QUIET!" Sam Yelled. Then the spirit got so quiet that Sam could finally talk.

Chapter Three
The Deal 

I want you to erase everyones memory of me having a gift," Sam said. Why?" the spirit moaned. Because I am sick and tired people constantly asking me to there dirty work," Sam responded. The spirit moaned loudly, soon, in the blink of an eye everyone forgot about the boys power. But as soon as the spell casted he took it back! I want something to," the spirit muttered, with anger. Fine, you get to stay in this basement,"Sam said.  Okay," the spirit muttered. Then just like that, they had a deal.

Chapter Four
The Ghost party
On Sam's birthday nobody asked him anything, they just acted like he was a normal human, which meant, the spirits spell worked! Sam went down into the basement to see the spirit and also thank him. But there were ghost everywhere, and they were all partying. I went up to the spirit, what  is all this?" Sam asked. JOIN THE PARTY!" the spirit yelled. AHH!" Sam yelled. "NO, stop now! Everything went silent. The spirit growled" THIS IS MY HOUSE, YOU GAVE TO ME, THIS IS MY HOUSE, SO I GET TO DO WANT"! But this is my house, I am only letting you stay in the basement as long as you keep it down,"Sam said.  Fine," the ghost muttered,  and just like that all the ghost started cleaning up. I walked upstairs, Sam was so happy he was finally left alone, he did not know how he did or where he learned to do it but he just did not care. He missed his power, it made him feel, special.

Chapter Five
Sam's Secret reviled 
"The next day was Sam's birthday party", he spent the day at home with six of his friends. The played games like tag, capture the flag, and others. He went down to check on the spirit 3 or 4 times. When it was time to open presents he picked his friend Jacobs present first, he hadn't been in the room for it but Sam opened it anyway. There was a not behind the first layer of wrapping paper, Sam red it:

                                    Dear sam,

I cannot believe you tried to erase my mind, I cannot believe you thought I would be stupid enough to not notice, but I did, and I am not happy. If you had been smart enough to not notice this would not be happening to you."But still, it is your birthday, so here is a little something to keep you going.


Sam put the note down and kept unwrapping the paper, the gift was a small Lego city set. Sam freaked out and ran outside, Sam ran to Jacob and asked," how did you know about the spirit? Why? Are you friends?" he asked. NO!"Sam responded, angrily. But unfortunately the spirit  heard me, and he was not happy about it.

                   Chapter Six
                     Sam then saw him and ran after him, YOU RIUNED EVERYTHING!" Sam yelled as he kept running. He stopped in the basement. Jacob and my other friends, PapPap and Lucy. Lucy grabbed me and pined me down. What on Earth are you guys doing?" Sam asked. Jacob told us you once had a gift, and that you used that "stupid" ghost to make us forget, because you were to lazy to help everyone!" PapPap shouted. SHUT UP!" Sam yelled. Sam shoved Lucy off of me, she the got back up and ran out of the basement. Well I guess it is just you and me," Jacob said. But when Lucy closed the door, she locked it, and Sam was pretty sure she did not tell anyone that they were down there. Sam sighed, while Jacob was trying to stupidly bust open the door. PapPap starting sobbing because we were trapped. "Sam looked at the spirit and apologized". I am sorry, I know you really hate me, I should have never done this," Sam said." The spirit groaned. PapPap's sobbing turned into crying. PapPap asked anyone if they had a cell phone. They all answered, no. The spirit magically opened the door. PapPap stopped crying and ran out."Jacob groaned, and ran out. But still Sam did not know why he was so mad.

                                               Chapter Seven
                      Sam walked out and went outside. The spirit was on the front lawn. Sam walked to him. I want you to leave," Sam said. Why?" The spirit asked. If I left everyone will remember your gift. I know," Sam sighed. Jacob ran to the front lawn. So this is that little spirit of yours. MY NAME IS WILLIAM, BANKED," the spirit yelled. Oh I did not know that," Sam said. Well, goodbye, then," Sam said. The spirit then flew off into the distance. Well, to bad," Jacob said. I know he is gone, but I know I will see him someday soon. Wel,l until then you have, me," Jacob said. Yeah, I guess," Sam sighed.

                                                   THE END!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The forest of Georgia

Chapter 1
A new life                                               
     "Are we there yet?" I asked,". No. Not yet, my mamma responded,". We are still driving, but we will be in Augusta soon. Oh mamma you always say that but we are still driving. Be patient we will be there in an hour Lu. I watched as the sun turned golden brown and the trees started forming their own shadows, there was a reason we were going to Georgia, we had sold our apartment in Virginia because we could not afford the rent, so we were renting a new townhouse in Augusta. We soon stopped at a small townhouse village called Tree Side Point, a mile away from a forest. We got down and entered the house, it was a small two story house with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small living room and kitchen. I knew this was my new life.    

 Chapter 2
The Woods                                                              
I went for a hike in  the woods to see what I could find. But I got lost. I started to get worried I did not see any people or buildings. I grabbed my phone and called my mamma. "Hello?" she said over the phone. Its me Lu, I said,". Oh how is the woods? she asked,". Bad, I am lost. "Oh my, okay I will see what I can do, she said,". Okay bye, I whimpered,". I sat on a mosey log and gazed at the stars twinkling over me, but my peaceful moment was interrupted by a rustle in the bushes. I got up to see what was causing the noise and it was a deer. I tried to get close to pet it. Hey! the deer yelled,". Don't  go touching me, It continued. Y-you can talk, I whimpered,". Yeah sure, whatever you think! it yelled,". Okay, what is your name? I asked,". M-my name? I do not have a name. What? I asked,". Why not? I never felt like I needed one, he said,". But you can call me your friend. Suddenly I knew the way home. I thanked him for letting me be his friend and ran home and went to bed.

Chapter 4
                                                                        The Wooden Chamber 

When I woke up I got dressed and ran as fast as I could to the woods and when I got there I shouted...FRIEND! I waited and then the ground started to shake and the trees made a clear path and at the end was a huge . Uh oh. The trees moved aside making a clear path. I followed the path and found myself at an opening. And in the middle was a huge tree and built inside the tree was a house right inside the stump. I nocked on the door and it opened by itself and inside there was a deer drinking coffee. Uh hi, I said,". Oh  you came, it said,". Friend? I asked. Welcome back, he said,". I have a secret to share with you, I can ship-shaft into any animal I want. Wow, so any animal? I asked,".Yep. Sit down young traveler, He said while pointing at a wooden chair. Whoah...nice place, I said,". thank you... uh, I never got your name. Lu. My name is Lu, I answered. Oh cool. So Lu do you go to school? Oh yeah, infact I am starting a new school tomorrow, I yelled,". What grade are you in. 5th I responded,". Huh. You; never mind, He soon whispered,". No! I shouted,". No, what? my friend asked,". You have to tell me what you think of me. Why should I? He asked You already know what I feel of you, your kind and caring. I like you too," I said.

Chapter 5
Otis Lorenz

The next day on my first day of a new school I got onto the bus and sat alone. I started to get nerves but then a kid came up to me and said... Hello I am "Otis Lorenz". "Hello", I responded," Want to hang out today?" he asked. "Sure" I responded. At lunch we sat together. At dismal, when I saw my mamma I ran to her but I saw Otis' dad. He asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner tonight and I said yes. That night I went to his house, a small town house just like mine. I ate fish with salad. Then I checked out Otis' room. It was small It had a one person bed a desk with a really old computer on it and an empty fish tank. we killed some time by playing cards building with legos and playing games on the computer. when. Otis and I were doing homework. Otis' dad came and helped us. When we were done I said bye to Otis and his dad. When we got in the car I tried to tell my mamma about my friend but I didn't. I was afraid she would not believe. I wanted this to be my secret.

Chapter 6
                          My friends secret

The next morning I went to the forest I fallowed the path to Friends house. On the way thought of shorter some better names for him. I heard birds singing wolves howling and a strange rumble. When I got there I saw lumber jacks cutting down the tree. I went In through the back door. Friend was sitting on a log in the the shape of a mouse. "What's going on? I asked,". Well these fools came to get me. WHY? because I have a terrible secret, He shouted,".  Come with me. He pulled a wooden lever on the wall and a little bunker was underneath the floor, we went inside it. stay with me, said friend,". Okay I said as I looked around the strange room. It was full of dusty old books an old old telescope and a coffee machine. What Is this place I asked friend as he poured me some coffee. It is my old lab. You see years ago I was just a normal deer until I was caught by a scientist group they turned me into a shape shifter and I had to end all the worlds problems. I said yes but instead they used me to build a lab for their studies. I then escaped from their clutches but they found me, And now thew won't leave me alone until I agree to build their science land. "Well why won't you help them?" I asked. "They need that lab built over the woods, my home." he replied.

Chapter seven
Otis' secret

I laid on my bed with my head swirling with fear and excitement. I tried to forget about my friend but I could not help myself. I ran to the woods, when I got there Otis was inside, and my friend was on the floor, knocked out. Otis! I yelled,". What have you done? I asked,". What! this freak of nature needs to be sent to Nasa! he yelled,". They must know how this creature can talk. No! I shouted,". I shoved him down on the hard wood floor. Stop this Otis! I yelled,". I cannot believe you knocked him out" I whimpered. Tears rolled down my cheeks like a quiet shiny water fall. Otis got up and he patted the dust that was on the floor of his coat. Well, it looks like you are really hating me right now, Otis yelled,". I looked at him angrily, yeah, maybe, I whimpered,". Well it is time to tell you," Otis said. Tell me what?," I asked. "Nothing"," He responded. "I grunted and got up". Tell me," I yelled, with anger. Ok, ok, we-well I, ya see I, I have lived here for 5 years over those time I have studied this animal and I found out how it could talk! How?," I asked. none of your business," he responded. Then without a warning he knocked me out with a wooden chair.

Chapter eight

When I woke up I sat on on the chair with my friend, please wake up," I whimpered. But he stayed silent. I held him tight and whispered "I cannot believe you were my only real friend." My nose bled and I had a black eye. Well if you ever wake up I just wanted you to know this, I have never had a friend like you, never. As tears dropped down my cheeks me and my nice, loving, unnamed friend sat there. No one to talk to no one to play with. I was, alone.

Chapter nine     
The Fight

I put my friend down on the soft leaves outside and walked home. When I got to school the next day I told Otis that he did not know what true friendship meant. But he said that I needed to understand that he was better because does not care that he knocked my friend down. I told him he needed to learn that nature animals mattered. He told me that MY FRIEND did not even have a name and that was weird. HE WAS NOT WIERD AND YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK!," I yelled. That caught everyones attention,FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT! ,"They all shouted, at once. But my principle cut through the crowd, He said he had never had such bad behavior and sent us both to detention. My mamma picked me up an hour after school because she had too much work to do. Detention felt like it was 2 hours long but it was only 55 minutes, Otis and I could not talk so we just sat there watching the clock. My mamma said that I needed a punishment for fighting in school so I wasn't allowed to leave the house for a week unless it was for school. That week past by fast, all I really did was go to school and do homework and I missed my old home back in Virginia. My mamma said she needed me to talk to Otis and apologize. I told her all about my friend and what Otis had done and that I needed to go down to the woods so I can see if he was okay. She did not believe me, obviously.  Otis still "hated" me.

Chapter ten
The note
It was Monday and my punishment was over, so I went down to the woods. My friend was still on the Fall leaves (he was still knocked out).  Inside the hose there was a "note" on the table that I hadn't noticed before. I picked it up an red:
                                                                                 1937 already, wow it is almost time. I cannot believe there are only 2 years left till it "happens". I know we have been waiting for this for 8 years for this. I know we have been very patient, and soon all of us will soon be free. 


Chapter eleven
The Dog

My mind was swirling with questions.  Who was stilton? What was he waiting for? Right at that moment a dog walked into the house and it looked mad. I looked at its pitch black eyes,  it looked at me growling snarling. I backed up a little. The dog grabbed the note and without a waring he ran out. I walked out to and right next to my friend was a deer and a raccoon! The raccoon looked at me and said," you killed him, you killed Stilton! "He is dead?" I asked. Yes, and he wouldn't be if it wasn't for YOU! the dog."" Do you guys have names?" I asked,". "Yes", the deer ," responded. I am Joanne, the dogs name is Carl and the raccoons name is Jerry. Cool Joanne, Carl, and Jerry. Without a warning Joanne knocked me down with his antlers, but I got up and ran down to the basement of my friends house. I picked up some lighter fluid and a blow torch, I poured the lighter fluid on the floor and turned on the blow torch with all the animals together, Was going to burn them! But I did not. I put down the blow torch a wiped up all the fluid. I can't do this," I said, and walked off


Chapter twelve
Burnt to the ground

The next day I woke up to the sound of alarms blaring.  I got dressed and went outside. It smelled odd, like a fire crackling on a cool winters night. But it smelled even stronger then that, and smoke was bursting from the ground! I ran toward the smoke, and there it was a "huge fire" that was spreading across the forest. Firemen rushed through the large crowd trying to prevent the fire from spreading onto the village. I walked to a tall man and asked," What caused this? I dunno, they are still trying to find out, He said with shock,". I did not cause this," I thought I ran to everyone and asked what had happened but no one knew. Some people looked scared others looked puzzled. What was only 30 minutes seemed like hours. As the flames died down I looked at the ash, all the levels burnt, the ground covered in ash. Soon the flames were gone, I noticed my mamma was standing in the middle of the crowd, I ran to her. Wow, she said,". I have never seen that big of a fire, hmm wonder what caused it. You don't know either? I asked,". Its hard to tell sometimes, she responded,". Yeah, I said as I ran into the woods. Lu, "NO, WAIT!" my mamma yelled. I ran through the ash, and I got my shoes super dirty. I soon reached the middle of the forest where my friends house was. There was no one there. Everything had burned.

Chapter Thirteen
The mystery of the fire

The 3 animals were next to the house. "Okay, what happened, I know you know," I asked. Sorry we know nothing," Jerry said, Go home. Each day seemed like a week. At school nothing had changed, it   felt like ever since I came here I had done nothing but go to the woods, but now, its gone. I was getting board, I lost both of my friends, one hates me and the other "died" Otis hates me because he thinks I am an animal because I spent so much time with my friend. But other than that everything was back to normal.

Chapter Fourteen    

People started building houses over the ruins of the woods that is what they had been planing since I got here two weeks ago but they did not want to harm the forest. I went to the ruins of the woods to burry a time capsule. As I dug in the spot where my friends house was I hit something! It was a small shoe box inside was a letter, it said:

                                     If you found this you must be digging in my property owned by Stilton H. William You must also know that I live in a huge tree.  I know you might be wondering why I am living out here, well that is none of your business. You have discovered my home so you should be proud. Do not show anyone this letter. The only reason I wrote it was because I needed to keep people away, goodbye.


p.s. put this back in the shoe box.

After I read it I put it back in the box like it said, but as soon as I put it in everything started changing, the trees started growing back, the houses that were being built disappeared, I blinked and when I opened my eyes I was on my friends front lawn. I knocked on the door and my friend opened, his tree was still there to. My friend opened. Hello, he said,". Hi, I said,". My friend gave me some tea and cookies and insist that I sat down, he still remembered me and I still remembered him. "Do you know what caused the fire? I asked,". It was me, he responded,". I tried to finish my project that my other friends were waiting for. "But I thought you were dead, so did your other friends." No, I am healthy and breathing. It exploded and started a fire, it killed me but thanks to you I am still alive. But how did I bring you back to life? I asked,". I put a spell on that  note and box, it was supposed to make it so that time changes in the way that you would want it to be, I was hopping a kind generous person like you would find it. "But what now?" I asked,". You do what you want, He said,". But that wasn't true I could not do what I want, but I still knew that my time in Georgia was gong to be great!

The End

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11th

Rafael Hernandez risked his life to go running into the to twin towers on 9/11 to go save the hundreds of people trapped in the buildings.

9/11 was a day to remember. It started out as a normal day in New York. Cars were zooming on the roads people headed to work and school and the streets were filled with traffic. But out of nowhere a large American Airlines plane comes flying by really close to the ground headed for the Twin Towers. The entire city was confused and scared when the plane hit one of the towers. The confused city turned to a panic. Fire engines raced across the streets when another plane hit the second tower.

Rafael Hernandez was visiting New York for vacation. When he heard the Twin towers were under attack he had to go help. He showed the American fire fighters his Mexican badge. They gave him a suit so he could help and that is what he did. This man was a true hero. He went into to the towers and he didn’t even have to. Sadly he died on September 25, 2011. He was a true hero.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Riddle

I ring so loud when you get a call.
Use me to talk to a friend in a hall.
You can talk to anyone whether you are tall or small.
You sure will be having a ball.
When you pick up be sure to say hi.
When your are done don't forget to say bye.

What am I?
A phone